A space, a good intention, and cooperation…

Welcome!  We have a story to share about a project we are working on.  It starts with a space, a good intention, and some cooperation…and from there we hope to do great things.  Let us know what you think! The Sissipahaw Lofts donated the use of a green space which lies between the Lofts and the Hawbridge School for the intended purpose of the students at Hawbridge School to have a garden.  The Hawbridge School was going through a transition in their garden leadership, so The Eddy Pub volunteered to help.  Yay!  With Chef Isaiah’s vast knowledge and skills in organic gardening and the Garden Club’s interest in learning to grow things we have teamed up with great energy and see many wonderful (and yummy) things coming out of this relationship. See, what we’re trying to accomplish is not anything like building a skyscraper or flying an airplane, however building a garden from scratch does take thoughtful consideration and the right amount of planning.  With all of this work we hope to be able to learn a few things along the way and contribute a place where active participation in growing foods can be a part of all of our lives. All of our plans and updates will be shared with you here soon, in the meantime please enjoy seeing what we have done so far on our collective Blog written by students from the Hawbridge School Garden Club.

Day 1

(click on the images to expand) Garden Club Day1 The garden plot

Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:

We salvaged some ceiling boards from the old mill to use for our raised garden bed.  We needed to prime them and paint them to avoid weathering too quickly.  Though the work was tough and seemed to go on longer than we were all hoping, the end result is going to be worth it. /wp-content/gallery/gc-1214


Day 5:

Planting some seeds to start some indoor growth so that we can transplant them into our garden.

planting seedsplanting seedsplanting seedsplanting seeds

Day 6:

Day 7:


Day 8: