Our Kitchen Crew




Chef Isaiah Allen

He is a big energy in the exploding farm-to-fork and local food movement holding dual roles as Executive Chef and Farmer, and naturally deepening our purpose in caring and serving the best food possible.  Isaiah and his wife, Whitney, work alongside each other at their farm, Rocky Run Farm.  To balance his life as an Executive Chef, he spends mornings and off-days digging in the dirt and growing food to feed his family, sell at Farmers Markets, and prepare in The Eddy’s kitchen so that you may experience the wholeness of his work…all the while promoting similar efforts of other respectable farmers nearby through their presence on our menu.  He is a true talent when it comes to food knowledge and preparation, and very passionate about teaching others what he knows.



Chef de Cuisine

Benjamin Gill

Lead Line Cook

Logan Oldham

On the Line

Luke Paulson, Randall Davis, Vic Reed, Jonathan Gates, Dustin Poe

Garde Manger

Daniel Norris, Fermin Lujan

Prep Cook

Eddie Estrada


Sam, Ethan, Richard



Village Bakehouse Crew



Mary Volger, Charlotte Thompson, John Rogers


Front of House Crew


General Manager

Paul Neubauer

Front of House Manager

Allyson Gill, Ethan Lesperance


Channing, Anita, Daryn, Caroline, Maria, Nolan,Viviana, Kayan, Maggie, Eric, Shelby, Emma


Josh, Hannah, Micah