Welcome to The Eddy Pub & Restauraunt

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noun ˈe-dē
plural eddies

1 a: a current of water or air running contrary to the main current; especially a circular current, whirlpool. b: something moving similarly

2: a contrary or circular current (as of thought or policy) …(Taken from Merriam-Webster Dictionary www.m-w.com)

3: a resting place on the river (reported from the kayaker’s experiential guides…or something like that)

Our menu features food from many local farms and a style that is our own version of “Pub food” ranging from southern comfort to European bistro. We are committed to using the highest quality local ingredients to always give you the greatest nutrient rich experiences. Our proteins are always antibiotic free and hormone free and our fish is sustainably caught/raised. We believe good food eaten in a comfortable place makes us happier people.